EXA is the Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency, founded on November 1st 2007 in Guayaquil, Ecuador as a civilian independent research and development institution in charge of the administration and execution of the Ecuadorian Civilian Space Program, conduct scientific research on planetary and space sciences and to push forward the development of the astronautical sciences.

EXA is the first space agency in the history of Ecuador, it has its own astronaut, the ASA/T Ronnie Nader, trained in the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center in the Russian Federation, serving as the Director of the Space Operations Division and is also the Honorary Chairman of the Directorate Board of EXA. his state of service is active, his function is Mission Commander.

Since September 29 2008 EXA is member of the International Astronautical Federation IAF. Since its foundation, EXA develops its own space technology, the updated record of EXA's history and achievements can be found HERE

EXA built and operates the first and only Internet-to-Orbit gateway in the world, the HERMES-A/MINOTAUR station, which is currently used by many universities and research institutions around the world. Also designed and operates the A SATELLITE IN THE CLASSROOM program, the only program in the world that allows elementary schools to have their own virtual ground station, so their students can download satellite images in real time in the classroom.

EXA designed and built the NEE-01 PEGASUS, the first ecuadorian satellite, the first in its class to be able to transmit live video from space and to have its own anti radiation shield, the NEE-01 was inserted into orbit on April 25, 2013 and its twin NEE-02 KRYSAOR entered orbit in November of the same year.

In 2011 EXA was awarded with the VICENTE ROCAFUERTE Medal to Scientic Merit by the National Congress, this is the highest honor bestowed by the Ecuadorian State in scientific matters.

EXA uses some ensigns and emblems in the uniform of its astronaut corps:

Also EXA astronaut corps use black flight suits and its dress uniforms are also black with silver accents, the reason for this is because the combination is "black as the sky, silver as the stars"